noga | Patrick Bebey

ASAP2 : Noga & Thierry Hochstätter

“ And maybe we never speak so well as when we don’t know exactly what we’re going to say. ”
- Joseph Joubert

An invitation to live in the present moment.

How to stay connected, how to listen, how to surprise yourself and allow yourself to be surprised, how to let the breath of life inspire music, to stay in the game while walking towards the last silence.
With voice and percussion, the inner score is revealed as it is played. Instantaneous compositions  (as soon as possible / aussi vite que possible) emanating from the place, from the instrumentarium, of perception,  which  invite us to ways where the artists and the public find remnants of the collective unconsciousness.

Listen, open your eyes, play, and receive.
Everyone can play.
Can we make music with any sound ?
And in a context as sophisticated as that of our time, can we still come up with new sound sources ?
What is original ? Who is the inspiration, the inspired ?

Creating instruments from recycled objects and materials, continuing the process of inviting remembrance in the present ; Asap2 ready to play suggests instruments that are  « ready to use ready to play as soon as possible».

A sound and living environment, a nod to Tinguely and Duchamp.

©photos : Lorane Hochstätter